Thursday, October 11, 2007

Towner admits to spam

Well, Mark Towner came clean to Paul Rolly at the Tribune. He was behind the spam from Utahns for Public School (singular) that was created to look as though it was from the coalition of teachers, parents and community members opposed to vouchers (Utahns for Public Schools - plural).

Hat tip to Jesse, WasatchWatcher, and all the others who brought attention to Rolly's blog.

As for Towner, his explanation is, well, er....BIZARRE.

"Sting" operation? To see who would visit his pro-voucher, anti-teacher website???

Wait a minute. If Towner were to operate an effective "sting" wouldn't he have preferred, instead, to see who visited the ANTI-voucher website on "company time??"

And, Mark, you really MUST apologize to Jesse for calling him a liar. He is NOT. You, sir, are.

* Shakes head. * Sigh.

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