Thursday, October 25, 2007

Patrick Byrne says "burn those kids"

WOW. This is completely stunning!

Patrick Byrne, pro-voucher funder and debater (and failed businessman) said that kids who fail to complete high school should be "burned" and/or "thrown away."

Gary Weiss found a You Tube video and posted it on his blog here.

To quote from his writing:

"As he continues his charm offensive in Utah, where the lifelong bachelor is campaigning for school vouchers -- yesterday he called voucher opponents "bigots" -- Byrne has brought a refreshing Hitlerian tone to the voucher debate..."


"I guess that's easy enough to say when you're the son of an insurance industry executive, and have never had to work a day in your life. Just burn the underclass. Useless people. Untermenschen."

Please check out Gary's blog. And the You Tube video.

You will be shocked, too.

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