Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sutherland's new math

Of course we all know the Sutherland Institute is a purveyor of "information" for Utah citizens and taxpayers.

It describes itself in news releases as:

"The Sutherland Institute is a conservative public policy think tank committed to shaping Utah law and policy based on a core set of governing principles. The Institute strives to make Utah an example of good government for the rest of the nation and a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Sutherland’s role in Utah’s current voucher debate is educational. "


PUH-LEEZE, spare me. Sutherland's so-called contribution to the voucher debate is anything but educational. The IRS ought to be looking at the groups 501(c)3 status!

All of the "Institute's" so-called "research" is pro-voucher. Completely pro-voucher. I'd lay odds they are spending beyond their limit on advocacy under IRS regulations.

Today the good folks (and I do not disparage their motives, as we are all good people of good motives) at Sutherland claimed that the average tuition at Utah's private schools is a "mere" $4,530 annually.

Of course, this is AFTER they "threw out" the schools that charged a lot. Like the one they found that charged $52,500 a year.

You can check out their latest release here.

I am pretty sure this is an attempt to counter the Utahns for Public Schools information, and Utah State's survey that demonstrated the average annual tuition is around $8,000. At least they have an independent source for their information and they document it all, too. You can check their website.

But this "new math" from Sutherland has my head spinning.

Sutherland's so-called claims about numbers tell me one thing for sure: this private school voucher law is too flawed. Not only that, but if legislators really have a lot of extra money hanging around, it should go to Glen!

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